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Unia Europejska, Europejski Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego

BRIdge Alfa

Hackathon – Innovation as a City Service Łódź 2022 27 May 2022 up to 23.59 - deadline for submitting Teams and Ideas Hackathon 3-5 June 2022, Łódź, POLAND (on-line and hybrid participation)

RDS Fund Sp. z o.o. in cooperation with Nicholas Coutts and Partners announces a special call for projects "Innovation as a City service - Łódź 2022 - within the BridgeAlfa program "New Promised Land Seed Fund.

The purpose of the Hackathon – "Innovation as a City service - Łódź 2022 - is to acquire and develop innovative projects in the field of NSS 10 - smart networks and information and communication technologies and geoinformation technologies, with special emphasis on:


The resources for innovation are located in and around the city but often difficult to find and use. As a result, many such resources are under utilised and the value to the city and the resource owners is reduced while costs and risks for entrepreneurs are higher than they need to be.

Finding a system to manage equipment, spaces, tools, finance, competences, knowledge, and methods has mutual benefits: resource owners can provide their resources as services, while innovators and entrepreneurs have an easier time finding and utilising the resources they need.

To date, each start-up is hand-crafted, yet core business processes are often similar. Many entrepreneurs duplicate resources in trying to solve standard business problems, unaware of existing solutions.

We can structure resources to avoid work being done twice. As a result, start-ups and entrepreneurs can dedicate these means to solve new problems and save time and cost.

Start-ups are known to create new jobs but few programmes exist to have a significant long term impact on creating new employment. We will search for methods of creating start-ups that are reliable, scalable and efficient in resource use. Providing a process for capital markets to continually fund a high volume of start-ups is essential in order to continually generate employment at scale.
Judging the benefits to the stakeholders of the innovation eco-system (cities, resource owners, residents, employees, entrepreneurs…) is difficult. Ideally, we can create a standard for measuring key attributes that can easily be integrated into various workflows. Such a system would allow strategic planning and increase transparency between investors and entrepreneurs.

NSS 10 -

The start-up scene is booming, but knowledge, resources, and networks are often unstructured. We want to build a platform that enables entrepreneurs to tap into existing resources and networks, connects investors to promising start-ups, and provides a knowledge base for innovators. A platform that helps innovative ideas become sustainable businesses.

Coordinating team:

Nicholas Coutts - Royal College of Art, CYENS and UNLEASH, Jan Bocian – RDS Fund Sp. z o.o.

VISION to startups ecosystem by Nicholas Coutts:

  • To have a significant impact on the creation of employment by making it easy for global capital markets to invest at scale in startups.
  • To reduce the risk of failure for startups by making it easy for start- ups to find, configure and re-configure the resources they need for innovation.
  • To make the creation of startups a repeatable, highly scalable process.

Resource owners will be given a generalised template for describing their resources and terms of access – transforming their resources into services that can be repeated and scaled. Part of the service design framework is to lower or remove barriers to access and use of the resources.

Innovators and entrepreneurs can find the resources they need quickly and easily and compare choices. They can reconfigure their resources as their needs change as their venture grows and review different configurations for current and future requirements.

City managers and planners can have good overview of the de- mand for resources and the likely return on resource provision as well as the social, economic and environmental impacts and can benchmark their city’s performance with other cities.

Academics and researchers have access to a new data on innovation and entrepreneurship. Grant and research proposal preparation and the bridge between the lab and the market for innovation is improved.

Investors have reduced risks as time to market is reduced and growth accelerated through the effective access to resources. Creating a system of tracking progress along various metrics facilitates more effective communication between start-ups and investors and provides better information for portfolio management.

Competition dedicated to:

  • innovators, scientists, and entrepreneurs,
  • teams
  • startups up to 5 years from the registration of their activity in the National Court Register.


  • 3 PoP analyses of projects up to 50 thousand PLN each
  • the possibility of preparing a project for the Investment Committee of BridgeAlfa Project "New Promised Land Seed Fund" and the possibility of obtaining financing up to 1.1 million PLN.


13 May 2022 – 11.00 announcement of Hackathon (on-line)

27 May 2022 up to 23.59 - deadline for submitting Teams and Ideas

Applications may be also submitted by Teams or Innovators looking for teams, partners with specific skills, knowledge, competencies, experience.

30 May 2022 - 15.00 – Announcement of results of preselection of projects to participate in the Hackathon

A maximum of 10 teams will be qualified for the HACKATHON

30 May – 2 June 2022 - We will bring together Teams and Mentors/Experts for the most effective work during the hackathon using state-of-the-art tools to define and develop innovative ideas.

3 June 2022 – Start hackathon 3 June 2022, Friday - 17.00.;

17.00 – 19.00 – First 10 min presentation of projects by the Teams

Hackathon in a hybrid formula - desktop/online.

4-5 June 2022 - Teamwork with Experts;

4 June 2022 – 17.00 – 19.00; - 5-minute presentations and 5-minute Q&A sessions for each Team

5 June 2022 – 17.00 – hackathon finale and project presentation session

5-minute presentations and 5-minute Q&A sessions for each Team

5 June 2022 – Hackathon results announcement - 20.00


Centrum Kreatywności Fabryka

Apply using the hackathon registration form (attached) and send it on e-mail:


Media Partners:

We invite you to cooperate with us

12 May 2022

The investment objective of the Project is to establish, incubate and prepare for foreign expansion and subsequent / subsequent financing rounds, 38 motivated to further development, innovative capital companies based on at least two-person teams composed of: "entrepreneur" and "hacker" technologist - possessing global development potential.

We aim to find and implement projects with the highest development potential due to its global reach. Our companies are to achieve readiness to absorb subsequent rounds of capital financing within 12-18 months.

The total value of funds managed by the Manager (RDS Fund Sp z o.o.) including the amount of the subsidy from the National Center for Research and Development is PLN 49,577,200, including the amount of the subsidy from the National Center for Research and Development 39,395,000 PLN, amount paid by private investors PLN 10,217,200. Ultimately, the funds involved in the Portfolio amount to PLN 41 million (acquisition of shares plus subsidies), of which PLN 8.2 million is the expenditure of ASI (ASI RDS Fund limited liability company limited partnership) for the acquisition of shares in Portfel companies.

Project co-financed / financed by the National Center for Research and Development under the program BridgeAlfa.

Submit an idea

globalna perspektywa

First Polish Medicine

The specific object of the Fund's investment, related to the rapidly growing and very promising market area of strategic importance for the security of Poland and the region.

Global perspective

Independent international experts and industry partners operating on a global scale help the RDS Fund team in choosing the best development and commercialization scenario for each company.


Suitable in terms of competence and experience (and in connection with investment specialization), as well as the determined team of RDS Fund Sp. z o.o. (the team has invested over PLN 100 million).

Unique Polish IP

Investing in ventures based on the Polish IP unique in the world, created and identified in cooperation with leading national universities and scientific institutions, increasing the likelihood of market success (also on a global scale) of financed ventures.

Exit strategy

The team's experience and cooperation of RDS Fund with investors of various investment profiles makes it easier to prepare projects for obtaining from the market next rounds of financing, commercialization and exit of the Fund from investment.

Investment process

A well-thought-out and well-structured investment process in the Proof-of-Principle and Proof-of-Concept phases as well as a reasonable project budget, providing adequate commitment at every stage of financing.

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What do we invest in?

Innowacyjne rozwiązania

Innovative solutions, research and development element, advanced technologies, unique IP, global potential.

Chemical and biological medicinal products, biotechnology, new technologies (ATMP, HE); Medical devices, dietary supplements, functional foods - for special medical purposes;

e-Medicine, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and in particular:

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence in medicine

    use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to change the way how medicine functions, but also entertainment, sport, business 4.0.

  • Telemedicine safety

    solutions ensuring secure storage of tele-medical / metric data and their secure transmission to relevant services,

Submit an idea

Investment criteria

Kryteria inwestycji

Investment criteria

  • forward-looking ideas / undertakings as to the possibility of their commercialization, based on positive verification of market demand,
  • projects under which new products and services will be developed, which are characterized by a high level of innovation and uniqueness, resulting from the results of research and development works carried out,
  • new products and services with global potential,
  • financed projects are scalable,
  • IP assets of financed projects may be subject to effective legal protection or they may be effectively secured as know-how,
  • a dedicated team with appropriate competences and very high determination as to the implementation of the financed project.
  • Submit an idea
  • If you are convinced that your solution will change the world, please. Call us or write to e-mail.
  • Fill in the form or download word, fill out and send to our email: info / at /
Kryteria inwestycji

Our partners

About us

Prof. dr hab. n. med. Piotr Fiedor

Prof. dr hab. n. med. Piotr Fiedor

Key Staff

Over 25 years of experience in the implementation of research and clinical programs in the field of new medical technologies and advanced therapies in clinical transplantology in Poland and the USA. Member of the Committee for Medicinal Products at the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products (Poland). The Polish delegate at the European Medicines Agency, a member of the ICPerMed Executive Committee, has completed the registration process for over 100 drugs at the level of the European Medical Agency as a regulator and company, head of the Drug Control Department and Chairman of the Bioethics Committee of the Medicines Institute in Warsaw, Polish representative in nCADREAC (cooperation agreement between drug control authorities in the countries associated with the European Union), a member of the American Society of Transplantation (ASTS - American Society of Transplant Surgeons), Head of the Laboratory of Advanced Therapies at the Medical University of Warsaw. Implementation of the first biotechnology product in Poland called Gensulin (recombinant human insulin, currently Bioton SA). Implementation of the Instrument for light coagulation - a device for clinical purposes of stopping bleeding during surgery on parenchymal organs, commercialized and used in surgery, urology and gynecology in Poland.

Andrzej Zackiewicz

Andrzej Zackiewicz

Key Staff, Investment Committee

MSc. Technical Physics - Warsaw University of Technology, holds an MBA title jointly awarded by the London Business School and the Warsaw School of Business. An experienced financier, entrepreneur and investor, he has extensive experience in structuring investment transactions. In 2000-2012, as a financial director, he worked for the private Luxembourg investment fund Eastbridge (assets over € 1.5 billion). Since 2013, he has been advising the management board of the "Socio-Economic Society" Foundation on the management of a portfolio of 27 seed companies. Co-founder of the IEN S.A. Group

Anita Urbaniak

Anita Urbaniak

Key Staff

An experienced financial director, R&D project manager, associated with the Crowley Group since 2006. Since 2008, he has been involved in acquiring and managing the Group's investment projects. Has over 8 years of experience in the financing and management of R&D projects in the PoP and PoC phases.